Joaquín Pachón, is a freelance professional sound technician.

He studied at the renowned school international SAE Institute in Madrid, getting the Audio Engineering Diploma and since then never ceased to form. More than 15 years of experience endorse this professional, which provides a broad and solid knowledge of the different sound field. His career began with the direct sound and forming part of the workforce of the most important sound reinforcement companies of Andalusia, to continue his work as a freelance. Work in live FOH and monitors of acoustic concerts, festivals, tours, etc. Its responsibility as a technician of concert hall and the contact of all musical genres have enabled him to acquire extensive experience in the management of hight level audio mixers and loudspeakers systems.

At the same time, starts his fruitful career with the direct sound of shooting. Documentaries, feature films, television series, short films, reportages, advertisements, etc. with national and international producers. It has own set of quality sound cinema equipment and has accumulated a great experience.

In Studio Recording sound he has specialized in live recordings and microphones placement, acquiring portable recording and equipment varied microphones that have made him fend in recordings of classical formations as well as popular music and choirs. Begins to upholding its works and become familiar with most popular editing software and audio mixing environments.

Thanks to their knowledge gets incorporated into the staff of teachers of the course of - technician of sound-which offers the University of Granada, teaching some subjects of the same for 6 consecutive years.