Sound technician of FOH and monitors, with extensive experience in all types of events, big concerts, tours, festivals, large and small rooms.

I have developed work as a fitter in several companies, with range first, L-Acoustic, Nexo, Meyer Sound, Martin, HK, EV, Turbosound, etc. Management of main processors market, Galileo, XTA, Xilica DBX, etc. As well as the famed Smartt program for phase adjustment and setting of speakers. Sound technician FOH and monitors of Flamenco festivals of the first order, in Pop, Rock, Jazz and world music festivals.

Control and experience in the analog world, handling of mixer consoles of high level such as Midas, Soundcraft and Yamaha, as well as Dynamics and effects. In the digital world, I have managed much of digital mixer consoles current big brands, Digidesing, Digico, Soundcraft Vi, Yamaha PM5RH, Midas Pro6 and lower ranges.I have worked part of the most important sound reinforcement companies of Andalusia, including: Cedison, Visuales 2000, Sinestar, Sounding Tour, 1 kHz, HM, Sonobalance. As one of the technicians of sound concert club Planta Baja (Granada) for 6 years.

Of groups and formations FOH sound engineer:

-Dardem- Tour Nada e Inerte
-Las niñas- Tour National Sabia negra
-Kiko & Shara- Tour presentation first album
-Melody- Tour Melodía
-Dance Company Fernando Hurtado. Espectáculo The Other Side
-Antonio Cortés- Tour presentation of the artist
-Alcatraz- Three tours
-SondeNadie- Two tours Ganas de más y Ciudad capricho
-Chorrojumo- Tour Tocando fondo
-Espectáculo Antonio Molina
-Festival of Flamenco in Martín de la Jara (Sevilla)- Cuatro ediciones consecutivas
-Festival of Flamenco in La Puebla de Cazalla (Sevilla)- Dos ediciones
-Festival of Flamenco in Alhaurín de la Torre (Málaga)- Dos ediciones
-Guitar festival of Córdoba
-Escenario principal Feria de Málaga